Finite Element Analysis or FEA can be used to solve all types of mechanical engineering or structural engineering related problems.

The use of FEA can help in approximately realizing the properties close to defined conditions.
This greatly decreases costs and saves a lot of time by helping prevent design modifications after manufacturing and reducing any inherent errors even before the prototype is developed.

The following FEA services are offered:

  • Structure Stress

    ​​ FEA Linear/Non-Linear Analysis
    • Geometric Non-Linear
    • Material Non-Linear
    • Contact Non-Linear

► FEA Static Stress Analysis

► FEA Dynamic Analysis

  • Transient Impact Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Random Vibration Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Spectrum Stress Analysis
  • Fracture Analysis

► FEA Fatigue Analysis

► FEA Buckling Analysis

► FEA Structure Stress Analysis

  • Thermal Stress FEA

Steady State Analysis

► Transient Analysis

► Conduction Analysis

► Convection Analysis

► Radiation Analysis

► Phase Change Analysis

  • Electromagnetics FEA

​​►  Low Frequency Stress Analysis

► High Frequency Stress Analysis




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